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Faith worketh by love

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I LOVE YOU! We all yearn to hear these words, even if it means hearing them ten times a day. Knowing you are loved makes you feel good but believing that you are loved is a different story. On the earlier blogs we mentioned that, most people that are hurt are hurt through love, mental hospitals are full of people that are hurt by love. It sounds like love hurts. Is love meant to hurt? Was love designed or purposed to hurt? It is said that the weakness of women is in their ears, once you say these words to a woman they retaliate in their mind. From hearing these words, one has a choice whether to believe them or not. Once you have believed them it is something else to un-believe. Sadly but true some use these words in vain, for their selfish and selfless gain leaving the one at the receiving end hurting. It is always easier to believe than to un-believe, trying to derail all you have believed to be true. Its a question of why do people lie? This is common on opposite sex relationships. Almost everyone on some way or other has been hurt by love. Again, is love meant to hurt? Lets go back again on self-love and agape love. If we can master these two love types I personally believe we will avoid much hurt. We throw ourselves to people when our instinct tells us they don’t love us, for we lack self-love. We want love from others when we haven’t mastered loving ourselves. We want love from others when we don’t believe that He who created us love us unconditionally. We tend to think others will fill this void in our hearts. As a divorcee and I believe many divorcees will agree with me that deep down in your heart, you knew that the person does not love you. No offence to women, but sometimes we don’t accept that men have a right to pull out from a relationship. Whenever a man realizes you are not the right person for them, what are they supposed to do? Dr Taki Dube once said, ‘is better to break a promise than break a covenant’

Points to ponder:

If you were dumped self-love says : I was too good for him/her

Self love says: I’m fearfully and wonderfully made

Agape love says: my maker loves me unconditionally

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Faith worketh by love

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Faith worketh by love

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