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I have a book that is available online. The book is about how our faith gets challenged everyday. In everything that we do in life we need faith, which is like a force suitable to bring every action into motion. I adopt one of Newtons laws of motion and rephrase it this way ‘for every faith in action there is an equal but opposite challenge in reaction. Before you start a business for example, you don’t have guarantees of success inasmuch as you can do research and implement a good marketing strategy. Businesses fail irrespective! What really keeps everyone going in life is the hope that things will workout. The winds of life will always blow against us, but it is faith that keeps us going. It is faith that acts as a force that helps us overcome these challenges.

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Church and divorce

FAITH STANDS WHEN ALL FOUNDATIONS ARE SHAKENWhilst still on the subject of physical divorce, let us take a quick glance on spiritual divorce. People in nowadays move from one church to the other. Regardless the reasons, this affects the church directly and indirectly. I grew up as a Methodist and I recall when you were to relocate/ transfer or move to another church youwere required to obtain  a remove/testimonial from the church you are vacating. This made the work of the leadership easier since the testimonial would have information regarding the moving believerl, which will guide the leaders even on the spiritual level of that particular believer. This might sound very much of a tradition but it worked, but I do not mean it was without flaws. Imagine if I leave my church already an elder or a deacon and when I get to the new church, there has to be a struggle of adaptation with noone aware of my capabilities and incapabilities. You find that some people suffocate within the church. This spiritual divorce has become no different from marriage divorce. Mind you, you were joined into that particular body of Christ and for whatever reasons you are now detached to join another body. Am I saying people should stay in a church that is of no benefit to them, absolutely not. What I encourage is that you will have challenges at church and wherever possible, endure and move out if really there is a push. Also I encourage churches to have proper systems in place on how to receive people more especially those that are from churches or have been members of the church. The church is full of wounded soldiers, people that got hurt from one church and moved to the other with open wounds. Wounds that never get healed. Sometimes we are happy that our churches are full but we don’t know what it is full of. These people are suffering the same pain divorced people suffer. At some stage I was angry with God for what happened in my life. I am not proud of this, but it’s a fact. My anger was directed to God. I couldn’t stay away from church then my prayer was; Lord may I find a church where nobody will even ask me of my name and indeed it happened. I stayed in that church for years, coming in and going out. It didn’t make my pain better but I got worse by day. I did things that hurt me even more. I started indulging on sin for nobody knew who I was.spiritual divorce is tarnishing the image of the church as some of the disconnected individuals begin to spread false doctrines. I understand some people relocate or are even directed by Holy spirit to move to another church. But at least resign and be released so you go out with a blessing. What really hurts is when people move out and keep moving around without control. Let the leaders learn to release people when they decide to move. If and when as a leader you are not in agreement with the the members decision , advise them acvordingly, if they insist release them like the prodigal son. Do not curse them, who knows they might reconsider and come back. I strongly believe that if your leader has trusted you with a flock, and there is a sudden mmisunderstading which pushes you to leave, give back the keys and the flock for, surely it does not belong to you. I know people that are called that their leaders refuse to release and I know people that felt they were called and went out prematurely irrespective of warnings. We need to be sincere and understand the purpose of the church. We are in a race, but it is a relay not a competition. Serving is not for personal gain but for the perfection of the church and working of our Christ like character. HOPE REMAINS FOR WE KNOW CHRIST IS PERFECTING HIS BRIDE ( THE CHURCH)

Consequences of divorce

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I have spoken or even counselled people that have problems in their relationships. I have noticed that someone will come to me merely for ease of consciousness but I have vowed that I will never advise anyone to choose divorce as a solution.

What happens to someone who is being abused, beaten up daily? Should she/he stay there until killed? No, absolutely no!
Nowadays people are quick to divorce. Every marriage will somewhat go true shaking.
If you think it is hot in your marriage, take time and think about being single again.
Some of the consequences include: rejection, identity crisis etc
I personally can say I triumphed over divorce but most pain came through rejection. No matter how much you can explain why you opted out, people don’t forgive you. They are always ready to make conclusions from your mistakes, fates, mishaps etc , then you hear someone say ” that’s why your/her husband left her/you. I remember this time at work  someone complimented me and the other lady turned and said ” if she ( referring to me) has a good heart then why can’t he keep men”. If you happen to remarry the man , your new husband is most likely to refer your mistakes to your past.

The society at large does not forgive divorce. The bible says God hates divorce. My interpretation of that scripture is that, God is more concerned about our well being, Jeremiah 29:11. Church looks at divorce as sin. God forgives sin. But as a loving father He is more concerned about what divorce does to His children.

Think about when you have to start all over again in life. One day you are Mrs the following day you are Miss. This is worse with our traditions where people are classified according to their marital status. In traditional functions you either married , widowed or single there is no inbetween. The religious denominations stigmatise you. Divorced people face rejection all the time , having to justify themselves all the time. You meet people who will still refer to you as married , then justification faces you and it is hard to separate it from condemnation.

Think about loneliness, vulnerability, manipulation etc. These are the consequences of divorce.  Whilst still hurting it is easier to resort to remain single but as you heal and years advance you need companionship. All men of your age will be married. the ones who approach perhaps want to take advantage of you in the form of adultery and fornication…..


To be continued

Divorce and the divorced

It is 16 days of activisimn against women and child abuse. My take on the subject is that, we need to start to look at the roots and try as far as possible to deal with the roots so we can conquer the tree.

I was in an abusive relationship, beaten up for petty things like why I gave such a glance. The man that abused me came from an abusive home where the mother ended up divorcing the man. The man was not a biological father to my X. He sexually molested him and it even had health effects on him.

My X got born again but surely he did not go through any counselling or rather did not disclose and deal with his childhood wounds. And there he was married to me beating me up.

My point here is: at times we ignore how much damage divorce is doing in our society. How many people get affected by divorce. The children that are raised by divorced parents grow up bitter and tend to be abusive. Some of them, even before the parents resort to divorce, the environment at their homes is usually not peaceful, parents are forever fighting. Please note, that the children are growing in such environment and it is said, ‘,children learn what they live’.

I strongly believe that any abused person becomes abusive whether consiously or not. How does he/she come abusive: imagine everyday your thoughts are all about fighting and how you are going to defend yourself. Remember you are what you think, out of the abundance of your heart your mouth speaks, and what you meditate on you will do. As much as you are the victim but all your thoughts get shaped in fighting, so you become a fighter.

Divorce is something that we should not ignore. I believe everyone has a role to play to calm this disease. Firstly we need to acknowledge the negative impact it has in our society. You might have your family all strong and peaceful but your child goes and marries someone who is a divorce victim, then you start suffering the divorce effects.

This goes for spiritual divorce as well. We are at a situation where people move from church to church and we never make a effort to deal with the causes of that. We ignore how much damage this spiritual divorce is doing in the church of God.

When one is married and things are not going well it is easy to find divorce as a solution, but no one thinks about the consequences. When you have problems in your church denomination it is easier to think of leaving but no one thinks of the consequences.

Divorce hurts more than people think. On my next blog I want us to outline some consequences of divorce on both physical and spiritual divorce.

In psalm 51 David repents of his sin and he says he will tell the sinners of the effect of sin. For us that have been through divorce it’s time we arise and raise the awareness. Breaking a covenant and breaking a promise are two different things.


May the Lord bless you as you read, may you take time to ponder on the subject and above all may you do something towards stopping divorce.

Faith worketh by love

Introduction to Open The Word Faith


Book_Cover_Layout -Nolundi mamfenguOne day I was busy at Jimmy Carter project, which was a building project____ building low cost houses for the people when I received a call from the bank. It was one of those long sales calls and they sell you a product you end up buying just to get them off your back. I purchased a funeral policy and they started deducting the money but I was not sure of the benefits or whatsoever. After a while, I felt that it was waste of money because I had life cover and I decided in my heart to cancel it.

It was then that one day I just fell off to sleep and a voice spoke to me, ‘If you cancel the policy you will be a disgrace because your father is going to die’. I woke up devastated and scared. Growing up, my father was diabetic so we were too used to him being in and out of hospital, but he took good care of himself, though I must say, he was very prompt with his diet and medication. I checked with my parents and he was well but I had no doubt that what the voice had said to me was true.

I prayed and fasted. I was then reminded of the story Ezekiel who when he was sick turned towards the wall and prayed to God to grant him more days Isaiah 38:1-5 in those days Hezekiah was sick and near death. And Isaiah the prophet, the son of Amoz, went to him and said to him ‘thus says the Lord: Set your house in order, for you shall die and not live’. Then Hezekiah turned his face toward the wall and prayed to the Lord, and said ‘remember now oh Lord, I pray how I have walked before You in truth and with a loyal heart, and have done what is good in your sight.’ And Hezekiah wept bitterly. And the word of the Lord came to Isaiah, saying, go and tell Hezekiah , ‘Thus says the Lord, the God of David your father ‘ I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears, surely I will add to your days fifteen years.

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Attitude plays a massive role in every individual’s life. This reminds me of a slogan that truly touched my heart at a healing crusade that was hosted by Durban Christian Centre, ‘come expecting go receiving’. It sets such a fertile ground for miracles it was a mind preparer and an amazing platform for a miracle. It was an assurance that if you come expecting something to happen you will definitely receive. This is exactly what the woman with the issue of blood did in Matt 9:20-22. “And suddenly, a woman who had a flow of blood for twelve years came from behind and touched the hem of His garment. For she said to herself, if only I may touch His garments, I shall be made well.”

This woman having heard about Jesus performing miracles aligned her attitude with that. Verse 21 states, ‘for she said to herself,’ she convinced herself or she was totally convinced about Jesus’s healing. She came expecting to receive a miracle and this was because she was convinced that Jesus heals. There was no doubt in her heart. I once ministered in a church where the level of worship was high quality and the platform was always ripe for the birthing of miracles but nothing was ever happening. This was because nobody was expecting anything to happen. The worship would continue there, there was such an awesome presence of God but then what! People would brag about how much God was in the church but then what! Nobody was expectant. God is glorified in what He does but He depends on us to expect things to happen. The woman with the issue of blood went to Jesus with an expectation. I can imagine her falling and rising pressing forth because she believed that Jesus heals. ‘I shall be made well,’ note that before Jesus declares that she was healed she herself declared it, ‘I shall be made well’. Expectation!

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