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Attitude plays a massive role in every individual’s life. This reminds me of a slogan that truly touched my heart at a healing crusade that was hosted by Durban Christian Centre, ‘come expecting go receiving’. It sets such a fertile ground for miracles it was a mind preparer and an amazing platform for a miracle. It was an assurance that if you come expecting something to happen you will definitely receive. This is exactly what the woman with the issue of blood did in Matt 9:20-22. “And suddenly, a woman who had a flow of blood for twelve years came from behind and touched the hem of His garment. For she said to herself, if only I may touch His garments, I shall be made well.”

This woman having heard about Jesus performing miracles aligned her attitude with that. Verse 21 states, ‘for she said to herself,’ she convinced herself or she was totally convinced about Jesus’s healing. She came expecting to receive a miracle and this was because she was convinced that Jesus heals. There was no doubt in her heart. I once ministered in a church where the level of worship was high quality and the platform was always ripe for the birthing of miracles but nothing was ever happening. This was because nobody was expecting anything to happen. The worship would continue there, there was such an awesome presence of God but then what! People would brag about how much God was in the church but then what! Nobody was expectant. God is glorified in what He does but He depends on us to expect things to happen. The woman with the issue of blood went to Jesus with an expectation. I can imagine her falling and rising pressing forth because she believed that Jesus heals. ‘I shall be made well,’ note that before Jesus declares that she was healed she herself declared it, ‘I shall be made well’. Expectation!

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