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On the previous blog we emphasised self-love. There are different types of love, amongst them the chief one is agape love. This is a God kind of love. When you feel that noone loves you rest assured that God loves you and it is this confidence on being loved that helps you to love yourself and others. Self love sounds more like selfishness or self centeredness yet it’s not. Loving yourself must never be at the expense of others. When you look at yourself in the mirror and admire yourself, even when others don’t do it , that is self love. You might be a little ill-favoured but trust me it is for a reason, and that reason can be understood by understanding the agape love. When you understand the agape love then you know that you are not on earth by chance but by choice and God’s choice. You are on earth for a purpose. Irrespective of how and where you were born, you are still on earth by God’s purpose. Everything you are, that ill-favouredness is for a purpose, embrace it and find the purpose. How many people were a mockery at school because they were thin, yet today they are top models. How many allowed this mockery to tarnish their self-steem , ended up committing suicide. That which you think is meant to kill you, that which you think is a mistake is nothing but a VEHICLE transporting you to your destiny. The bible says in Jeremiah 1 ,before you were in your mothers womb I knew you. God did not make a mistake, you are definitely not a mistake nor a part of your body. You might say you are a rape child! Rape was a mistake but you are not a mistake, being in poverty is not a mistake it is just a VEHICLE to your destiny. One of the fastest runners was born in Africa and used to travel long distance to school, which trained him, enabling his muscles to stretch to the utmost. SELF -LOVE! Love yourself for you are unique, fearfully and wonderfully made. You were not born by chance but by God’s choice. Connect the agape love. Knowing that he loves you will help you love yourself. How about waking up every morning, looking at yourself in the mirror, admire yourself and thank God that He fearfully and wonderfully made you. Start appreciating the big nose, those big ears…



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To everyone that is supporting my blogs, I would like to pass my sincere appreciation. On the same note I want to apologise for features, I am experiencingg technical problems.

I have a book that is available online. The book is about how our faith gets challenged everyday. In everything that we do in life we need faith, which is like a force suitable to bring every action into motion. I adopt one of Newtons laws of motion and rephrase it this way ‘for every faith in action there is an equal but opposite challenge in reaction. Before you start a business for example, you don’t have guarantees of success inasmuch as you can do research and implement a good marketing strategy. Businesses fail irrespective! What really keeps everyone going in life is the hope that things will workout. The winds of life will always blow against us, but it is faith that keeps us going. It is faith that acts as a force that helps us overcome these challenges.

I layout some of the life challenges in this book. It is full of a message of hope, that will encourage you to keep on and don’t give up.

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I would like to apologise for the delayig blogging, I have been experiencing severe technical errors. Last week I completed the whole writing process and the system refused to publish.

Love is one of the most popular words and topics in life. It becomes more of a central feature of life. From birth we want, long and year for love. Most songs and poems are about love. Yet most people that are hurt, in mental hospitals, sick, depressed and even dead the main cause is love.

There is one thing a friend of mine said to me, which touched my heart, he said before you say you love someone else, learn to love yourself. #SELF-LOVE.

Ask yourself this question, ‘do I love myself’. I grew up amongst a lot children at home, and all we strived for was to be loved. We had issues of who was mom’s favourite, who was dad’s favourite which led to nothing but bitterness, strife, contentions etc.

In this quest for love we forget to halt and learn to love ourselves. We look at people to love us, yet due to lack of self-love, we fail to receive love for we haven’t mastered it within.

I do not want to say much, but will expand on my next blog. For now I want to bait a challenge: DO YOU LOVE YOYRSELF/ HAVE YOU LEARNT TO LOVE YOURSELF. #SELF-LOVE?

  • What if people love you but you keep rejecting them?
  • What if you blame anyone else yet you are the one who can’t receive love?
  • What if people don’t really love you, don’t you think loving yourself will make a difference?
  • What if loving yourself is all that matters?
  • Have you ever admired yourself before others do?

I will greatly appreciate your comments but above all , let’s start loving ourselves. The only way to learn to love ourselves is, by first connecting to the source of love. I love me for me , how about you?

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