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I thought whilst waiting for the construction to be complete on the site, let me share a little thought. I apologize that the job is taking longer than expected.

At some stage I was taking depression medication. I was going through rough patch in my life, being very stressed the doctor put me on depression tables for six months. Please don’t get me wrong I am not against medicine.

The medication used to make me calm and too calm that, you would slap me and I would see no problem with that. In completion of the medication course, I burst out into severe anger. Mind you:I was not put on medication because of anger issues. I was too angry such that I would wake up angry and would be angry over anything.

I realized I needed help but it was a question of: is there medication for anger? The medical expects agree that most ailments, sicknesses and diseases are causes by stress, anger, unforgiveness etc. Now in that case one needs an emotional healing.

It is always hard for human beings to seek inner healing as compared to seeking physical healing. If depression medication would help my brain from not executing an excessive amount of fluid, but won’t heal my emotions, then which one is more important.

When your emotions are sick your body will be sick. Healing the body won’t heal emotions, but healing emotions will heal the body. The greatest cause of for instance cancer is stress. By you being healed from stress there are less chances of you being cancerous.

Again let’s go back to the question: why is it so difficult for human to seek inner healing. I know people that have been orphaned, who have achieved in life but still have not found peace with their past.

I have been a victim of abuse through someone who was abused as a child, who wouldn’t seek inner healing and wouldn’t give in even when i encouraged him to do so.

Again why do human beings ignore the importance of inner healing? People will rather go to gym to loose weight, knowing the cause of their weight gain to being, bing disorder.

Allow me to say your inner-self is the real you. And real you can only be amended by the architect, the only one who breathed life in you. It is always amazing that even the religious people still struggle with this.

Now this is how I got delivered from anger: I admitted I have a problem , I identified the root cause of the anger, I knew anger was wrong and I sincerely wanted to be set free, I stop blaming the past, I knew all the consequences of living angry life would be, which encouraged me to seek healing even more.

NB: I did not do this alone. Here I am saying to you, do you have heart issues? Do you have emotional sicknesses? If so: do what I did, seek help. It might take time but it pays out at the end.

It will save you sickness, it will save you jail, it will save you misery etc. The best healer is your creator.but you still need any earthly coach.

Let me coach you: Dear heavenly father, creator of mankind, the only one who knows our spirit, I pray for inner healing to anyone who is sick. May you make their spirit man whole by your rhema word and may your ruach spirit engulf their spirit. I declare complete healing in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen

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